Do I need a degree to advertise my skills?

No.  In Town Helpers is open to people of all experience levels.  We look at this site as a way for people to make some extra money on the side.

How much will services cost?

That is between you and your helper, but we expect the services posted to be affordable and used as an alternative to large companies.

Who is most likely to post on this board?

We expect a lot of professionals looking for work on the side, retirees, people looking for part-time work, students and anyone else who is looking to help out in the community!

How do I know if I should hire someone?

Because there is no pre-screening process, we suggest you ask as many questions as necessary for you to feel comfortable hiring the person.  You can also ask for referrals, and check out the ratings other users have posted on this site.

What if I have a bad experience with someone I hire off this site?

You can post a negative review of the person.  If a helper receives enough negative feedback, they may be removed from the site.

Can I post my services if I have never advertised them before?

Of course!  This is a place for people of all experience levels, including the amateur, to post their services.

Do you really allow any type of service to be posted?

To a point.  We are a community website, so please keep that in mind.  However, we do encourage everyone with a clear conscious to post away.  This can include anything from car mechanic to simply being available to cook dinner for a senior citizen.

Do we need to pay to use a listing?

No, absolutely not.  There are no fees involved in hiring someone off this site.

Do we need to pay to post a listing?

No, absolutely not.  There are no fees involved in listing yourself on this site.

Can we contact other people who have used the recommended helpers?

There will be a place to leave feedback and rate the service after the job has been completed.  If you want further information, please ask the helper to provide you with references.

Does In Town Helpers provide any sort of guarantee for the posted services?

No. Regrettably, we cannot recommend or guarantee any workers hired off this site.

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